VersaFree Breathable Mesh Running Belt and Travel Waistpack

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The Sporteer VersaFree Running Belt is a top-loading, light-weight, breathable waist pack for carrying essential items securely and comfortably while running, working out, traveling, walking the dog, enjoying a concert, or shopping.

Some of the items that can be comfortably carried include smartphones, cash, cards, passport, headphones, key fobs, etc. Other items may be an hydration flasks, gel packs, tissues, a whistle, snacks, lipstick, etc.

The 80% Nylon/20% Spandex material is flexible and durable and will stretch to fit ALL phones and cases, regardless of the size. The material will comfortably compress the contents against the body and hold them securely in place while you are in motion.

The top-loading design features two elastic bands (top and bottom) for a secure and snug fit.  The tubular design allows carried items to be positioned anywhere inside the tubular pocket.

PLEASE NOTE: CHOOSING THE CORRECT SIZE IS IMPORTANT FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT. PLEASE REFER TO THE SIZING GUIDE (SEE IMAGES).  The VersaFree Belt is designed to fit snugly. If the belt is too large, the contents may bounce. If it the belt is too small, it may be too tight and ride up. We recommend choosing a smaller size for running to provide more compression for holding items in place.

If you have any questions about sizing, please contact Sporteer Customer Service for assistance.

Product Features:

  • BREATHABLE, LIGHT-WEIGHT AND DURABLE MESH MATERIAL: The premium blend mesh (80% Nylon/20% Spandex) provides superior air flow for cooling, durability and four-way stretching for maximum capacity and comfort and is resistant to odor retention and deformation
  • TOP-LOADING TUBULAR DESIGN: Tubular design creates a continuous pocket for easy access and positioning of keys, snacks, gel shots, wallet, ID, cash, passport, etc. Spin the belt for your ideal pocket location, depending on your activity and items being carried. Elastic bands on the top and bottom ensure all items are safely secured - even while upside down.
  • MINIMALIST, BUCKLE-FREE, LOGO-FREE, TAG-FREE FOR DISCREET, SECURE PROTECTION OF VALUABLES: No uncomfortable buckles or zippers that break and tear over time; No brand logo so belt can be worn anywhere discreetly (including schools); no annoying tags touching skin.
  • FIVE UNISEX SIZES FOR PERFECT FIT: For best performance and comfort, choose the best size for your activity. Please consult the size guide for details.