Kinetic K1 Running Belt for iPhone 13 Pro Max

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Wearing an armband for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is not for everyone - especially if you have small arms.  Add a case to your Pro Max, and a bulky armband might not work.

The Kinetic K1 Running belt secures your iPhone 13 Pro Max around the waist for a comfortable and bounce-free fit while allowing full access to the touch screen. The K1 Belt can be worn across the front of the waist or on the lower back - whichever is more convenient and comfortable.  

Weighing only 3.5 ounces, the K1 Running Belt features a internal waterproof layer and foam padding to prevent sweat from entering the pocket, so your iPhone 13 Pro Max will remain dry during long workouts.

The K1 is compatible with all lightning earphones, 3.5 mm wired earphones and wireless earphones and earbuds.

The K1 Running Belt is ideal for running, hiking, cycling, weight training, traveling, or any activity during which you want to securely hold your iPhone and remain connected.

The K1 running waist pack fits iPhone 13 Pro Max with no case, thin case, or medium case up to 165 x 85 x 16 mm.

Product Features:

  • Touch screen for full access to your iPhone 13 Pro Max screen and controls
  • Adjustable, flexible belt (25-inch to 40-inch) for perfect fit
  • Light-weight and bounce-free running belt
  • Waterproof barrier and foam padding protect your iPhone from sweat
  • Large interior pocket and two external pockets for carrying small items
  • Dual locking zippers eliminate annoying rattling during your workout